Pyrofex Shares New Crypto Payment Service Numifix for Merchants to Accept Ethereum, BTC Soon

The Pyrofex crypto firm has just released a statement saying that they have finally released a new payment solution. The payment solution has been referred to as the Numifix, one that is easily integrated on merchant’s websites, and from there, it can quickly accept the payments that are paid using the crypto coins.

The Numifix The Payment Solution

The new service has not yet been fully launched as the solution is still on the beta mode, but for the merchants in the market, they are still able to take advantage of the service and use it. The only thing they will enjoy is accepting payments made by the customers using Ethereum.

The good thing is the platform does not stop at Ethereum; they are planning on adding Bitcoin as another payment option for users. They launched this service as they noted there is a large number of individuals who are willing to make the purchases with the use of crypto coins.

But this will not only benefit the customers as the merchants will be able to switch to the crypto payments option, instead of using credit cards. This way, they will do away with the transaction fees and the data harvesting process. Thus, it reduces the merchants incurred costs.

“As consumers continue to wake up to the data privacy and security risks involved with credit card payments, attraction to cryptocurrency will increase,” said Pyrofex founder and chief executive officer, Nash Foster.

For the merchants within the industry who are seeking to offer an easy solution for its growing customer base, then this payment solution is a good option. The company has further stated that they are building a blockchain that will be able to handle more than 50,000 transactions in a second when it is finally officially launched.

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