Crypto Messiah Memes Flood Twitter, Crypto Culture Laughs For AltCoins

The cryptocurrency market can be volatile, no doubt about it. When the industry is at its lowest, many individuals seem to seek something to lift their spirts. Interestingly enough, the “messiah” so to say, comes in the form of an online presence, actually known as @CryptoMessiah and alternatively known as the moniker Ad_Infinitum.

CrytpoMessiah is known to post various messages about the market for his 53,000+ followers to see. The most recent post stated, “Ok everyone, the time is nigh. Your help is requested. If we can all change our twitter avatars to Bogdanoffs, #Altseason will begin next week. If you’re in, change the pic and rt. Godspeed.”

Ever loyal, CryptoMessiah’s followers did as asked and within hours, the crypto community altered its avatars. Those who are interested in viewing a few examples can do so no his Twitter page.

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