Global Blockchain to Usher in New Wave of Blockchain Tech Investments

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Canadian tech firm Global Blockchain has presented itself as a holding company for blockchain assets and cryptocurrency, introducing a new business model that will allow investors to access a diverse range of assets within the nascent blockchain economy.

Streamlining blockchain investment processes

The mission of Global Blockchain is to help facilitate the education and awareness of potential new participants in the cryptocurrency sphere, helping expose newcomers as a vital source and manager of first-class blockchain-based technologies and new digital currencies.

Each year, the tech firm will conduct stringent research on emerging blockchain projects, with a rigorous selection process to determine up to 12 tokens or digital assets to support. It will then provide early critical funding and retain significant equity stakes in these projects, essentially making them a crypto incubator.

Turnkey blockchain incubator

Through its own innovation incubator, Global Blockchain will open new horizons for investors, providing all the resources they will ever need to bring blockchain technology to its next phase of growth. With services such as seed capital, skilled technical developers and legal advisors, Global Blockchain will offer more than just an investment opportunity, but the chance to gain an edge by holding technologies that exist and those that have yet to appear.

Once its demo (MVP) platform is launched, it can move closer to market approach via a token generation event.

Coinsteam Mining Corp acquisition

The announcement on March 1st, 2018 that Global Blockchain had acquired Coinstream Mining Corp means an immediate boost to production, with 35 MW of the 50 MW capacity available for immediate use. Global Blockchain Technologies Corp., a subsidiary of BLOC, will supply mining units of cryptocurrency with a 70% share for BLOC.

Coinstream vendors also received an issuance of 32.5 million shares as per the terms of agreement, with no finder’s fee levied on the transaction. This latest acquisition is in line with their objective of diversifying the basket of blockchain investment assets for fund pool investors.

The Global Blockchain Team

The people behind Global Blockchain share the benefit of great foresight, with many of them having founded or adopted early blockchain projects long before it became mainstream. The team traces its experience to the very beginning of blockchain, providing them with the unique insight and know how to assess prospective holdings for business and technical viability.

This means that investors need not undertake the formidable task of research and due diligence, assured that selected projects are already qualified with sound projections for growth.

Its CEO, Rik Willard, was an early practitioner of branded digital engagement concepts, plying his trade with large public screen projects and DOOH, branded content, content management systems, mobile and social media. His impressive portfolio is filled with the likes of MGM Resorts, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Lucent Technologies and Dictaphone, collaborating with some of the most recognized producers such as the Apollo Theater, couture designers Chado Ralph Rucci, Oscar de LaRenta and Kevan Hall, and the French Ready-to-Wear Association (Pret-a-Porter).

Further strengthening this lineup is an advisory team that lists an all-star ensemble from multiple fields, including David Drake, Michael Terpin, Jim Rogers, Gary Rubinoff, Manie Eagar and David Wachsman.

To learn more about Global Blockchain, visit the website and read the whitepaper. Keep up with updates on Facebook and Twitter, or connect with their professional page on LinkedIn.

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